Xbox 360 Avatars-Where are the Awards?

The Xbox 360 has been out for a while and it is obvious the console has come a very long way since its beginning in November of 2005. I’m sure all of us classic Xbox players remember the old dashboard right? There was a five slid panel type dash with content arranged with areas specified for marketplace, Xbox Live, games, media and system. It wasn’t long before Microsoft took it to the next level and recreated the entire Xbox 360 dashboard. Not only did the new dashboard have a completely new look and way of navigation but it also brought the ability to be in a party as well as the ability to create your own cartoon person called, avatars.

Xbox 360 Avatars

Much like the Wii players Xbox Live now had the ability to create their own little person to represent who they were to other online players. At the start options were limited to the free content provided for these cartoon like people. They were given the very basic needs; hair, nose mouth, clothes, ect.  Xbox 360 Avatars now have their own marketplace where players can buy extra content for their characters. Games have also been given the option to provide players awardable (similar to achievements) to unlock in game for their avatar. Like most gamers at the start I was skeptical about this cartoon version of me; but I was soon addicted to changing my look, however, never keen on buying useless items for the pretend people with money I could be using on DLC or other in game uses. So my question is; now that avatars are clearly here to stay, why do games get released with no avatar items available to unlock but countless Items to purchase?

Since the release of avatar, most hit games have shied away from including avatar awards as an option however they still provide items to buy over the marketplace. I’m not saying avatar Items will make or break the sale of a game but I do not see why they have the ability to sell items if they do not provide any items to be unlocked. As a player I enjoy unlocking everything I can in a game. I love, all achievements, all in game collectables, anything I can in my favorite titles. It seems selfish that games have the ability to charge people to put virtual clothes on their avatar without allowing any item to be unlocked in the game. Not all games have proven to be so selfish but it surprises me that so many would.  As there are Xbox laws as to how many achievements can be unlocked in a game, I think there should be a law restricting games to sell avatar items if they do not offer any to be unlocked by playing through their game.

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