Decade of Xbox! Get a Free Prop For Your Avatar Too!


Today marks the 10th year anniversary of the Xbox console. (thank you Microsoft). On Nov. 15 2001 (North America) Microsoft released a big black box with an huge X on it, named Xbox. During that year Microsoft took on the gaming world for the first time. Its main competition was Sony’s PlayStation 2, Nintendo’s Gamecube, and Sega’s Dreamcast. One year later Microsoft integrated their online service Xbox Live, which allowed players to compete online. Xbox Live has took off to be the best online community service for consoles. Fast forward to 2005, where Microsoft discounted the “original” Xbox and released its successor known as the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 is selling strong next to the Wii and ahead of the PlayStation 3 due to a top-notch games tied with Xbox Live. Also during 2010 Microsoft unleashed the Xbox 360 Slim and its motion based “You are the controller” peripheral, Kinect (2011). Every Xbox owner is waiting for the announcement of the next-gen console from Microsoft. You can also get a free avatar prop for a limited time on Xbox Live.




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