PS3 Move Holiday Bundles

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes the one thing I hate most about the holiday season, and that is the Christmas songs that start playing in the first week of November. If you have worked in a mall you probably know exactly what I am talking about! Even so, gamer’s should be excited for the new bundles coming out this season because will be a perfect opportunity to grab some excellent gaming bundle deals.
So starting next week Sony is putting out two move bundles perfect for the family. One bundle come with Move Motion Controller, PlayStation Eye camera, and two games Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest (please check out Medieval Moves, I played it at E3 2011 its fun and controls are flawless) for only $99.99. The second bundle is PlayStation 3 Everybody Dance, includes a Move party game Everybody Dance, 320GB PS3, One DualShock controller, PS eye camera, and PS Move Motion controller. All of that with an affordable price of $299.99. You will need buy it from Target.  (Remember the PS3 is now $250, put up $50 more for the bundle)

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